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Executive Summary TOP SHOP PROFILES This year, more than 500 shops completed at least a portion of the survey. For analysis purposes, we considered only the 357 shops that answered at least one of the select questions used to identify the benchmarking group. Of these: t "QQSPYJNBUFMZ QFSDFOU BSF KPC TIPQT JOEFQFOEFOU TIPQT that primarily perform short-run and other non-repeating work). t "QQSPYJNBUFMZ QFSDFOU BSF DPOUSBDU TIPQT JOEFQFOEFOU shops that primarily have contracts for repeating part numbers). t "QQSPYJNBUFMZ QFSDFOU BSF QBSU PG DBQUJWF PQFSBUJPOT The table below shows the range of industries served by all the shops that participated in the survey. One-third or more of the Top Aerospace Machinery/equipment manufacturing Automotive/motorsports Medical Military Oil/gas-field & mining machinery Pumps, valves & plumbing products Electronics, computers & telecommunications Off-road equipment & construction machinery Die/mold Industrial motors, hydraulics & mechanical components Power generation (turbines, batteries, wiring, etc. Forming & fabricating (non-automotive) Appliances Furniture manufacturing Other 0 SHOPS OTHER SHOPS ALL SHOPS Shops serve customers in the automotive, industrial equipment and oil/gas industries. Other common industries served include aerospace and pumps/valves. In terms of parts production, there was a fairly large difference between the median and average values reported by all shops. 'PS 4IPQT QSPDFTTFE XFSF XFSF TMJHIUMZ MFTT GPS UIF PUIFS TIPQT BU UIF NFEJBO BOE BWFSBHF QBSU OVNCFST 4,6T UIF 5PQ BOE 4JNJMBSMZ the median number of total parts produced by the Top Shops in XBT BOE UIF BWFSBHF XBT BQQSPYJNBUFMZ 'PS UIF PUIFS TIPQT UIFTF OVNCFST XFSF SFTQFDUJWFMZ 27.5% 35.2% 35.3% 37.5% 34.3% 34.7% 32.5% 26.7% 27.5% 15.0% 27.7% 26.3% 22.5% 23.9% 23.8% 32.5% 18.2% 19.9% 17.9% 15.0% 18.2% 17.9% 22.5% 16.7% 17.4% 17.5% 17.0% 17.1% 20.0% 14.8% 15.4% 14.2% 15.0% 14.3% 12.5% 14.2% 14.0% 2.5% 8.5% 7.8% 6.3% 5.0% 6.2% 12.5% 9.7% 10.1% 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 SPONSORED BY AMT | IMTS 3 Top Shops Other Shops All Shops 25.0% 18.8% Which of the following industries does your business primarily serve? BOE KVTU PWFS SFTQFDUJWFMZ 5IFTF WBMVFT BOE NJMMJPO

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