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Executive Summary SPONSORED BY AMT | IMTS 3 SHOP PROFILES This year, survey submissions from 277 shop principals (company owners or managers) were used in the cal- culations for our ffth annual Top Shops benchmarking program. Their businesses break into the following three categories: • Approximately 46 percent are job shops (independent shops that primarily perform short-run and other non-repeating work). • Approximately 38 percent are contract shops (independent shops that primarily have contracts for repeating part numbers). • Approximately 16 percent are captive shops in a manufacturing company. Here are some key takeaways: Top industries—The top industries served by this year's Top Shops were aerospace (46 percent), machinery/equipment manufacturing (44 percent), and medical and military (both at 29 percent). Other leading markets for Top Shops include automotive, oil/gas, and hydraulic/mechanical component manufacturing. Total parts produced—The median number of total parts produced in 2014 was 35,000 for Top Shops and 25,500 for other shops. Typical batch size—The median batch size for Top Shops is slightly higher than other shops (50 compared to 37). However, both of these values demonstrate the high-mix/low-volume nature of machining work that is common today. Industry Spotlight: Top Shops Serving the Aerospace Industry 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0 2012 45.2% 2013 55.6% 2014 46.2% 27.5% 2011 2010 37.8%

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