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Executive Summary 18 2015 TOP SHOPS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HUMAN RESOURCES Each survey we've conducted has revealed that there isn't much difference in the amount that Top Shops and other shops pay their employees. This year, the median hourly wage for CAM pro- grammers is $25 and for setup personnel is $20 for both groups of companies, while Top Shops pay their machine operators $16 per hour compared to $17 per hour for the other shops. However, as in past surveys, this year's Top Shops cite other ways to reward and retain their good employees. For example, a higher percentage of Top Shops offer annual review and pay-raise programs (90 compared to 48 percent), paid medical benefts (75 compared to 43 percent) and bonus plans (71 compared to 30 percent). Plus, more than half of the Top Shops provide education reimbursements for classes that are relevant to their employees' career compared to only 30 percent of other shops. Key Performance Indicator—The median age of shopfoor per- sonnel is essentially the same for Top Shops and other shops (39 and 40 years, respectively), but Top Shops are succeeding with personnel having less experience on the shop foor. The median number of years of experience for shopfoor employees at Top Shops is 10 years compared to 15 years for other shops. Top Practice—For this year's survey, 45 percent of Top Shops say they have a formal training program compared to only 18 per- cent of other shops. Plus, they're also are more likely to provide supervisor development programs (35 compared to 17 percent) to cultivate a new crop of potential managers and leaders. Trend—Top Shops tend to offer annual review and pay-raise pro- grams more so than other shops. The percentages this year were 90 and 48 percent, respectively. For Top Shops, this percentage has increased every survey year since 2011 when the percent- ages was approximately 76 percent (see table below). Human Resources: Annual Review/Pay Raise Programs 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0 2012 87.1% 2013 88.9% 2014 90.2% 85% 2011 2010 75.7% 7 5 . 7 %

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