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Executive Summary MACHInInG TECHnoloGY M ost shops use VMCs. However, a higher percentage of Top Shops have costlier HMCs (61 percent versus 44 percent), and 42 percent take advantage of multi-face tombstones. That way, one HMC can achieve the productivity of two or more VMCs. HMCs also hold many more tools than VMCs, so they can run a higher number of jobs without changing/ adding tools. Essentially the same percentage of Top Shops and other shops use turn-mill machines (approximately 30 percent). In previous surveys, a notably higher percentage of Top Shops used this equipment. This year's fndings indicate that more shops are beginning to integrate multitask machining, but those that are new to this platform might be facing a bit of a learning curve compared to more experienced Top Shops that have established effective multitasking processes. 0 As shown in the table below, essentially the same percentage of all surveyed shops perform fve-axis positioning. However, a much higher percentage of Top Shops are realizing the benefts of fve-axis contouring, which can help them win more complex work with higher margins. Similarly, a signifcantly higher percentage of Top Shops perform high speed machining and run lights-out. As with previous surveys, this year's edition revealed notable differences in cutting tool strategies. For instance, nearly 75 percent of Top Shops use custom/specialty tooling versus just 50 percent of other shops. The higher tool cost is justifed through improved production and cutter life. Top Shops approach workholding in much the same way. They are more likely to use quickchange fxturing and magnetic and vacuum chucks for faster change-overs/setup time. The average setup time for Top Shops and other shops is 77 minutes and 138 minutes, respectively. 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 22.6% 14.6% 15.2% Cutting to zero stock (moldmaking) 32.3% 22.2% Five-axis machining (full contouring) 22.9% 25.8% 24.1% 24.2% Five-axis machining (positioning only) Which of the following machining strategies does your business employ? 35.5% 39.2% 38.9% Hard milling 41.9% 43.5% 43.4% Hard turning 61.3% 48.1% 49.1% High speed machining 29.0% 25.7% 25.9% Large-part machining Top Shops 41.9% Other Shops 23.5% 24.9% Lights-out machining All Shops 9.7% 13.0% 12.7% Micromachining 54.8% 52.2% 52.4% Prototyping 16.1% 8.9% 9.5% Other 0 10 20 30 SPONSORED BY 40 50 AMT 60 | 70 IMTS 5

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